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Ultra-fine Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire
Thermal Class:180,200,220
Product Introduction
Enamelled flat wire has the characteristics of thin insulation layer, high insulation strength, good flexibility and smooth surface. It is widely used in distribution transformers, generators, motor windings and various electrical equipment.

In order to improve the corona resistance and impulse voltage resistance of windings of wind turbines, variable frequency motors and traction motors, corona-resistant enameled flat wires can be selected.
Product Features
Product Usage:
Power Transformer loll and dryl, Traction Motor &Transformer (Generator, Electromotor) and windings for all kinds of electric appliance
Product classification:
As per conductor materials- Copper, Aluminum
As per conductor cross-section. Round, Rectangular

Product Parameters
Name Ultra-fine Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire
Conductor Copper
Dimension Thickness(a): 0.1~0.6mm;  Width(b): 0.2~6.0mm
Thermal Class (℃) 180 (Class H);200 (Class C);220 (Class C+);240(Class HC)
Feature Solderable and Self-bonding
Packing PT-4 / PT-10 Plastic spool
5kg~150kg Poly-wooden spool (250*400 /250*500/ 250*600 / 250*730)
Appication High temperature voltage devices, instruumentation and various types of electronic components windings etc.
Product Application
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