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Insulation Fiber Glass Winding Wire
Fiber Glass Covered Copper Wire Fiber Glass Covered Aluminum wire
Conductor is Aluminum and Copper, Which is extruded by electrician bare aluminum / bare copper through an extrusion process,the aluminum /copper conductor is evenly covered with 1~2layers of alkali-free glass fiber,with the required temperature index and compatibility of insulating paint dipping, baking processed, the glass fibers, glass fiber and conductor bonding as whole.
Product Features
1.Perfect test performance: High breakdown voltage, good solvent/heat resistance.
2.Excellent quality & competitive price and good after-sell service
3.Prompt Reply Within 12 Hours
4.Goods are examined before delivery by 30 QC staff
5.Sufficient supplies and prompt delivery
7.Satisfactory usability: Suitable for high-speed automated routing winding.
Name Insulation Fiber Glass Winding Wire
Conductor Copper and Aluminum Wire
Dimension Round Diameter: 1.0~7.0mm
Rectangular Thickness(a): 1.0~10.0mm, Width(b): 3.0~35.0mm
Insulation Material Fiber Glass
Insulation Thickness Single, double or according to your requirement
Standard IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS
Paking 30kg~150kg Poly-wooden spool (250*500/ 250*600)
Application Oil-immersed transformer windings;medium and alrge electrical motor and power substations etc.

Product Application
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