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Enameled Round Aluminum Wire
Raw Materials: ec 6201 aluminum wire rod, insulation materials: Polyurethane etc.;
Thermal class: 180℃, 200℃, 220℃, 240℃
Dimension: 0.16 - 9.2mm; awg/ swg 4-34 aluminum wire
Application: used for transformers, inductors, motors, generators, transformer coils
Product Introduction
enameled round aluminum wire
Enamelled flat aluminum wire available size ranges from 0.16- 9.2 mm².
Conductor diameter: 0.16~9.2mm
155 grade polyester enameled round aluminum wire
180 grade polyesterimide / polyamide enameled round aluminum wire
200 grade modified polyesterimide enameled round aluminum wire
200 grade polyamideimide enameled round aluminum wire
220 grade polyesterimide enameled round aluminum wire
Product Features
Product Usage:
Power Transformer loll and dryl, Traction Motor &Transformer (Generator, Electromotor) and windings for all kinds of electric appliance
Product Features:
1.Perfect test performance: High breakdown voltage, good solvent/heat resistance.
2.Excellent quality & competitive price and good after-sell service
3.Prompt Reply Within 12 Hours
4.Goods are examined before delivery by 30 QC staff
5.Sufficient supplies and prompt delivery
6.Good wear-resistance film: Vertical enameling technology and ELANTAS insulation paint.
Product Parameters
Name Enameled Round Wire
Conductor Aluminum
Dimension Diameter: 0.16~9.0 mm
Thermal Class (℃) 120(Class E);180 (Class H);200 (Class C);220 (Class C+);
Insulation thickness G1;G2;G3;G4
Certificate UL
Packing PT-15~PT-30~PT-60~PT-90~PT-200 or ply-wood spool
Appication Transformer; motor;generator; modern instrument; welding machine and so on
Product Application
PT25~PT200 spool/bobbin; Outer packing: Carton box and pallet or plywood box, suitable for shipping by sea
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