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New Energy Motor Enameled Flat Copper Wire
Conductor: Copper
Dimension: Thickness(a) 1.12--6.0mm; Width(b) 2.5--1 6mm
Thermal Class (℃): 220 (Class C+),200(Class C),180 (Class H)
enameled flat copper wire
The enameled wire produced by Lanpu Industry has significant advantages such as strong corona resistance, low pinhole and zero pinhole, high mechanical strength of the insulation layer, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, ATF oil resistance, etc., and has a wide range of applications in the field of new energy vehicles. The prospect has won the favor of many OEMs and supporting manufacturers in the industry. The most important thing is the close cooperation between Lanpu Industry and BYD.
Product Features
Flat enameled wire is a kind of enameled wire. It is a winding wire made of oxygen-free copper rod or electrical aluminum rod after being drawn, extruded or rolled by a mold of a certain specification, and then coated with insulating varnish for many times. The thickness is from 0.025mm to 2mm, the width is generally less than 5mm, and its aspect ratio ranges from 2:1 to 50:1. Flat enameled wires are widely used, especially in the windings of various electrical equipment such as telecommunication equipment, transformers, motors and generators.

Flat enameled wire has the following characteristics:
(1) Occupies a smaller volume. Flat enameled wire takes up less space than the coil of enameled round wire, which can save 9-12% of space, and the smaller and lighter electronic and electrical products will be less affected by the volume of the coil, obviously saving more Others Material;

(2) Coil slot full rate is higher. Under the same winding space conditions, the flat enameled wire's slot fill rate can reach more than 95%, which solves the problem that the coil is difficult to improve for a long time, so that the resistance is reduced and the capacitance is larger, which can better meet the high-capacity and high-load applications. requirements;

(3) The cross-sectional area is larger. Flat enameled wire has a larger cross-sectional area than enameled round wire, and its heat dissipation area is also increased accordingly, and the heat dissipation effect is significantly improved. At the same time, it can also greatly improve the "skin effect" (when alternating current passes through the conductor, the current will be concentrated in Conductor surface flow), reduce high-frequency motor loss.
Name Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire
Conductor Copper
Thickness(a) 1.12--6.0mm
Width(b) 2.5--1 6mm
Thermal Class (℃)
220 (Class C+),200(Class C),
180 (Class H)
Insulation Thickness Single   Heavy
Certificate UL
Packing PB 500    160--180kg/Spool
Application New energy drive motor
Main Application
The main application of flat enameled wire in new energy vehicle motor:

As the heart of new energy vehicles, there are many electromagnetic wires in the drive motor. If the electromagnetic wire and insulating material cannot withstand the high voltage, high temperature, and high voltage change rate during the operation of the motor, they will be easily broken down and reduce the service life of the motor. At present, when most enterprises produce enameled wires for drive motors of new energy vehicles, due to the simple process and single paint film, the products produced have poor corona resistance and poor thermal shock resistance, which affects the service life of drive motors.

Compared with ordinary round enameled wire windings, under the same volume, flat enameled wire windings have the characteristics of higher energy density, higher motor efficiency, corona resistance, high dielectric strength, zero pinholes, smooth surface, etc., and can replace ordinary round enameled wires Used in new energy vehicle motors.

Using flat enameled wire instead of enameled round wire, theoretically speaking, under the premise of the same space, the filled copper can be increased by 20-30%, and the flat enameled wire winding stator can increase the slot fullness rate by 20%. The improvement of this index means that , when the entire motor space remains the same, the maximum current that can pass through the motor windings can be increased by about 15%, which is equivalent to a 15% increase in the maximum torque and motor power. Conversely, in the case of the same power, the outer diameter and volume of the motor can be reduced, thereby reducing the amount of other materials used in the motor.
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