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Enameled Square Wire

Conductor:Copper or Aluminum
Copper Thickness(Width)/a(b):0.45-6.0 mm
Aluminum Thickness(Width)/a(b): 1.2-9.1 mm

Main Product:
Class 180 Polyesterimide/Polyamide Enameled Square Aluminum/Copper Wire

Class 200 Modified Polyeste Enameled Square Aluminum/Copper Wire

Class 220 Polyesterimide Enameled Square Aluminum/Copper Wire
Product Features
1) Suitable for winding in high speed machines
2) Very good resistance to transformer oils
3) Very good resistance to typical solvent
4) Freon resistant
5) Excellent resistance to mechanical stress
Name Enameled Square Wire
Conductor Copper and Aluminum
Dimension Copper Thickness(Width)/a(b): 0.45-6.0mm
Aluminum Thickness(Width)/a(b): 1.2-9.1mm
Thermal Class(℃) 180(Class H); 200(Class C); 220(Class C+); 240(Class HC)
Insulation Thickness Single, Heavy
Certificate UL
Standard IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS
Paking 30kg ~150kg ply-wood spool (250*400 /250*500/ 250*600 / 250*730)
Application Transformer, generator, refrigeration system, Class C generators, UPS power supply, electronic transformer etc.

30kg/50kg wooden spool, plastic spool. We can also pack according to customer requirements.
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