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New Energy Battery Pack Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire
Conductor: Aluminum
Aluminum Thickness(a): 0.8--10.0mm; Width(b): 2.0--25mm
Thermal Class (℃): 240(Class HC)
Certificate: UL
Standard: IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS
Flat enameled wire has the following characteristics:
Compared with ordinary enameled wires, flat enameled wires have better softness and flexibility, and have excellent performance in terms of current carrying capacity, transmission speed, heat dissipation performance and occupied space, and are especially suitable as electrical and electronic equipment. Jumper wires between circuits.
Product Features
Enamelled aluminum wire for new energy automobile motors has excellent high temperature resistance, mechanical properties, electrical properties and chemical properties and excellent freezing resistance. The existing enamelled aluminum wires for new energy automobile motors must have four major properties including mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties and thermal properties, and their mechanical properties and electrical properties in some cases are still improved and improved. requirements. For example, in terms of shaping, due to its flexibility and insufficient rigidity, the winding shaping is not so arbitrary. And in terms of electrical conductivity, under certain usage conditions, its load may be relatively weak, making it difficult to meet certain usage requirements. In addition, its solderability is relatively poor, which brings inconvenience to the connection to a certain extent. The most important thing is the close cooperation between Lanpu Industry and BYD.
Name Enameled Rectangular Aluminum Wire
Conductor Aluminum
Thickness(a) 0.8--10.0mm
Thermal Class (℃) 240 (Class HC)
Insulation Thickness Single   Heavy
Certificate UL
Packing 30kg~150kg ply-wood spool
(240* 400/250* 500)/250* 600/250*730
Application New energy battery pack
With the increasing shortage of oil resources, the development of new energy vehicles has received more and more attention from major car manufacturers. New energy vehicles refer to all other energy vehicles except gasoline and diesel engines. Including fuel cell vehicles, hybrid vehicles, hydrogen energy vehicles and solar vehicles. But no matter what type of new energy vehicle, its motor as a power drive is one of the key components. The operation characteristics of the motor as the power of the car are that the power changes quickly and frequently, and the ambient temperature changes greatly. Therefore, it is required to run stably, with strong overload capacity, light weight, good temperature performance and electrical performance.
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