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Paper Covered Winding Wire
Paper Covered Copper Wire Paper Covered Aluminum wire
The insulation layer of the paper-covered wire refers to the wire wrapped around the cable paper. The insulation of the paper-covered wire has at least 3 layers of wrapping paper tape. When more than 3 feet, the innermost layer and the outermost layer should be covered and wrapped, and the rest can be wrapped with a gap of no more than 2mm. When the width of the paper tape is 9.5 mm and above, the clearance does not exceed 3mm.
Advantages of Paper Insulation Wire for Winding 
a) Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvent,
b) Excellent electricity performance
c) Excellent heat shock, adherence and flexibility,
d) High cut through
e)Resistance to high voltage in oil;
f)Rise up the filling coefficient of the transformer;
g)Reduce volume and the cost of the transformer
Name Insulation Paper winding wire
Conductor Copper and Aluminum wire
Dimension Round Diameter: 1.0~7.0mm
  Rectangular Thickness(a): 1.0~10.0mm;
Width(b): 3.0~20.0mm
Insulation Paper type Kraft electrica paper / Nomex paper / HPI-Green / Mark paper.ect.
Insulation thickness Single, double or according to your requirement
Packing 30kg~150kg Poly-wooden spool (250*500/ 250*600
Appication Oil-immersed transformer windings;medium and alrge
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