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Aluminium Wire Diameter 0.6 mm for industrial electric heating
Date: Sep 14, 2022
Enameled round aluminum wire is made of electrical aluminum rod, which are draw by the specification mould,it is the baked winding wire with multiple-layers of insulating paint after annealing softening treatment. Enamelled round aluminum wire has the characteristics of light weight, easy winding and low cost compared to enameled round copper wire, and is widely used in the winding of electrical equipment such as transformers, reactors, motors, and UPS power supplies,etc.

Aluminium Wire Diameter 0.6 mm also uses:
Electric Heating
Immersion, Infrared, Comfort, Alu-foil, Recirculation Heaters – Sheathed Heating Elements – Ceramic Core Elements – Heating Cables – Ramp Heating – OEM Heating – Container & Cargo Heating – Process Heating – Rail Heating.

Control Cabinets & Wiring
Control Cabinets – PLC & HMI – PID Controllers – Temperature sensors – Power Regulators – Solid State Relays – Thyristor Controllers – Thermostats –Wire Harnesses

CNC Laser Cutting – CNC Punching – CNC Drilling – CNC Milling – Machining – Rolling – Pressing – Bending – Welding – Brazing – Glueing – Assembling – Pickling & Passivation – Sandblasting – Painting
aluminum wire 0.6mm
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