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Self-Adhesive Double Glass Fiber Covered Flat Copper Wire
Date: Nov 13, 2023
With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the demand for high-performance conductive materials in the electronic field is also increasing. As a new type of conductive material, self-adhesive double glass fiber-coated flat copper wire has attracted much attention in recent years. Its unique properties and wide range of applications make it a popular choice in the electronics industry.

This article will deeply explore the characteristics, preparation process and application prospects of self-adhesive double glass filament-clad flat copper wire.

1. Features and advantages:
Excellent electrical conductivity: Self-adhesive double glass fiber wrapped flat copper wire is made of high-purity copper wire and has excellent electrical conductivity, suitable for electronic equipment requiring high electrical conductivity.

Strong self-adhesive performance: Compared with traditional copper wires, self-adhesive double glass filament-clad flat copper wires are self-adhesive, making them more convenient for connecting and fixing electronic components and improving manufacturing efficiency.

Good flexibility: The design of the flat copper wire makes it more flexible and suitable for complex-shaped circuit board wiring, helping to improve the overall performance of electronic equipment.

Strong corrosion resistance: Due to the double glass fiber coating, the self-adhesive double glass fiber wrapped flat copper wire has strong corrosion resistance and is suitable for working conditions in harsh environments.

2. Preparation process:
Material preparation: High-purity copper is selected as the raw material, and double-layer glass fiber coating technology is used.

Wire drawing: The metal drawing process is used to draw high-purity copper materials into filaments of the required diameter.

Flat copper wire forming: The round copper wire is cold-drawn and deformed into a flat copper wire through professional forming equipment.

Double glass fiber coating: After strict cleaning, the flat copper wire is covered with double glass fiber to form a self-adhesive double glass fiber wrapped flat copper wire.

Self-adhesive treatment: A self-adhesive treatment process is introduced during the preparation process to improve the self-adhesive performance of the copper wire.

3. Application prospects:
Electronic connectors: The self-adhesive properties of self-adhesive double glass filament covered flat copper wire make it widely used in the manufacturing of electronic connectors, simplifying the connection process and improving the reliability of the connection.

Flexible electronic products: Due to its good flexibility, self-adhesive double glass filament-clad flat copper wire has wide application prospects in flexible electronic products, such as bendable displays and wearable devices.

Automotive electronic systems: Corrosion-resistant self-adhesive double glass fiber-clad flat copper wires are expected to replace traditional wires in automotive electronic systems and improve the stability and durability of the system.

New energy field: As a material for battery connecting wires, self-adhesive double glass fiber wrapped flat copper wire is expected to play an important role in the new energy field and improve the conductive performance of battery components.

In conclusion:
As an emerging conductive material, self-adhesive double glass filament-clad flat copper wire has shown great potential in the electronics industry due to its excellent conductive properties, self-adhesion and flexibility. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology and the increasing demand for high-performance materials, self-adhesive double glass filament-clad flat copper wire is expected to achieve breakthrough applications in more fields and promote the development of electronic technology.
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