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Extruded insulation wire
Date: Dec 29, 2015

Extruded insulation wire is made of new varieties in recent years. The current priority is for high-frequency electronic transformers. The most significant feature is the high-frequency electronic high frequency transformer, the transformer from the working principle, the progress of the task frequency can reduce the volume of the transformer and components. That is, of the complete short frivolous.


Then progress unit volume (or weight) transmission power, which is the high power density. Follow to carry out high-frequency electronic transformer layout of all, the primary direction of the coil arrangement is carried out flat coil, sheet and film winding coils, during and layout including multilayer, high-frequency transformer coil selection of the three-dimensional layout of extruded insulation coil. Progress of the promised rise, reducing the coil volume. For example, the most typical cell phone charger.

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