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Enameled wire stripping technology
Date: Apr 14, 2015

The German people ARNOFUCHS ABISOFIX, Invented a new machine which name is Handheld electric high-speed peeling machine.
It is used for stripping the insulated on the surface of enameled wire, such as enameled aluminum wire and enameled copper wire,
widely used for the manufacture of electrical transformers and coils with repairing motors, generators and other industries.

It has coreless motor design, speed up to 20000RPM, and have stop braking performance, and its function is very powerful,
is a multi-purpose, high-performance Barker, the market can completely remove more of any hard insulation on the enameled wires ,
but no damage to enameled wire,It is also fast and easy to operate, the effect is particularly good.


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