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Material Safety Data of Enameled copper wire
Date: Jan 15, 2015

1. Chemical Product Identification
Chemical Name: ployurethane enameled copper round wire. 

2. Physical Properties
Color& Shape: yellow enameled copper round wire (red / blue / green if colored) .
Physical Data: copper 90%-99%, polyurethane resin 1%-10%. 

3. Harmful Notification
Approach: touch, swallow
Environmental Effect: insulation surface will resolve into CO2, Nx, NH3 when soldered. 

4. Emergency Measures
Touch: consult physician only when stabbed.
Swallow: throw up (consult doctors when in failure ) .

5. Combustibility Explosibility & Fire Protection
Flash Point: inapplicable. 
Burning Point: 700 ℃.
Flammability: inflammable.
Explosibility: inexplosible.
Fire Fighting Equipment: CO2 / foam / dry chemical fire extinguishing system, water or sand.

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