Bondable Wire
Date: Jan 21, 2018

 A special type of magnet wire is bondable wire or self bonding wire. Bondable wire is a magnet wire as described under Magnet Wire Types, with an additional adhesive enamel overcoat. This adhesive has a bonding feature, which is activated by heat or solvents. Once activated the adhesive bonds turn to turn windings into a compact self supporting coil.  The use of bondable wire may offer cost and manufacturing advantages in some winding applications as bobbins, tape, varnishing, or impregnation may be eliminated.

Bondable wire is specified by
  base coat enamels 
  bond coats

Typical combinations are given under Common Bondable Wire Types.
Bondable magnet wire can be supplied with different conductor materials such as self bonding copper clad aluminum wire, bondable aluminum wire etc. 

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