Enamelled winding wires

  • Types: Round;Flat(Rectangular);Square

  • Temperature Class(℃): 130,155, 180, 200, 220

  • Standard: IEC60317-0-2,IEC60317-29 MW36-A
  • UL NO: E345303

  • Bobbin: 15/30/50/200kg wooden spool,plastic spool,we can customize the length according to customer demand

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■ Overview

Enamelled winding wires

Product Instruction:

Enamelled winding wire is made up of conductor coated many times by insulation material after drawing or extruding from oxygen-free copper rod or electrical aluminum rod.

Product Usage:

Power Transformer loll and dryl, Traction Motor &Transformer (Generator, Electromotor) and windings for all kinds of electric appliance

Product classification
As per conductor materials- Copper, Aluminum
As per conductor cross-section. Round, Rectangular


■ Specifications

Product scope

Round wire: diameter : ɸ.02mm-ɸ8.OOmm
Rectangular wire thickness a: 0.40mm--10mm
Width b:1.50mm--16.OOmm
Suggested width/thickness of conductor:1≦b/a ≦20
Material Conductor Resistivity : Soft copper wire≦ 0.017241Ω㎜2/m, at 20℃
Soft aluminum wire≦ 0 028000Ω㎜2/m, at 20℃
Proof stress Rp0.2: soft<100 N/ mm2, Semi-hard 100-300 N/ mm2.
The tolerance of Proof stress Rp0.2 could be +0-20 N/ mm2。
Insulation thermal level : 120, 130, 155, 180, 200, 220


According to different electrical insulation requirements, below enamel insulation thickness could be selected.
Round Wire: Grade 1 ,Grade 2,or Grade 3 according to GB standard of China



Rectangular wire

Thin enamel thickness. 0.08mm--O.ll mm
Thick enamel thickness: 0.12mm--0.16mm
Epoxy thickness. 0.03-0.05mm if coated
The tolerance of total insulation thickness could be ±0.015mm, extremely could be controlled within =0.010mm.


Enamelled winding wire with special insulation thickness could be manufactured according to customer requirements.

■ Manufacturing


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