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Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire

  • Diameter: Round:0.4-2.5mm, Flat:15-40mm2

  • Temperature Class: 105, 120

  • Standard: GB IEC NEMA

  • UL NO: E345303
  • Bobbin: PT-30 PT-60 PT-90 PT-200 50KG 150KG wooden spool or according to customers’ requirements

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  • Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire
  • Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire
  • Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire
  • Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire
■ Overview

 Polyvinyl Formal Enameled Wire, Acetal Coated Magnet Wire(Formvar Magnet Wire):


Polyvinyl Formal - superior resistance to transformer oils

Polyvinyl Formal is a chief ingredient in PVA based wire enamels. Enamel coatings made with LP have excellent resistance to transformer oil and provide outstanding toughness, flexibility and abrasion resistance.

This material is available in four grades having different molecular weights and different viscosities to suit various end usages.  It is highly versatile and good resistance to chemicals and excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.


Product Description :

1) Compositions: copper/aluminum and polyvinyl-formal

2) Characteristics: Good oil resistance, excellent mechanical properties, high-moisture conditions,hydrolysis resistance under sealed and good heat-shock resistance

 3) Standard: GB NEMA IEC



(1)oil immersed transformers,

 (2)Self-lubricant transformer,

(3)oil-filled motor


■ Specifications

Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire

Enameled Type
Model: QQ-XX/105 QQ-xx/120
Temp Class: 105C 120C
Standard: GB, NEMA, IEC
Package PT-30 PT-60,PT-90,PT-200,50KG 150kg wooden Spool or according to customers’ requirements

■ Manufacturing


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