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Enameled Round Aluminum Wire

  • Diameter Range (mm): 0.16-9.2mm
  • Temlierature Class (C): 130, 155, 180, 200, 220
  • Standard: IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS
  • Color: natural color, red, blue, green and so on
  • UL NO: E345303
  • liackage: PT-25 PT-30 PT-60 PT-90 PT-200,PT-270, wooden bobbin and according to customer requirements

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■ Overview

General Description Of Enameled Round Aluminum Wire:

Enamelled aluminum magnet wire is mainly used as an electrical conductor wherever coils are in motion.
Enamelled aluminum magnet wires are available in diameters from 0.16mm to 9.2mm (SWG1—37; AWG1—34),
with all insulation and self-bonding enamel types.
All aluminum wire conforms to EN AW-1350A (E-Al) for use in the electrical industry and are guaranteed to meet conductivity requirements.
In addition, our enameled aluminum magnet wire also reached many Production Standards,such as IEC/NEMA/JIS/GB.
We also can provide many more certification,such as UL,SGS,ISO14001,ISO9001 ,ROHS and so on.

Features of Enameled Round Aluminum Wire:

Low density allows coil weight reduction
Rapid heat dissipation
High cut through
Excellent heat shock
Perfect breakdown voltage
High heat resistance
Good solvent resistance

Application of Enameled Round Aluminum Wire:

Transformers/ Heat-resistant motors/ UPS Power source/ Generators/ Refruigerating system;Other electrical devices in the coil windings

■ Specifications

 Specifications of Enameled Round Aluminum Wire:

Enameled Type Polyester Modified Polyester Polyester-imide Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide Polyester-imide
Products type PEW/130 MPEW/155 EIW/180




Temp Class 130 155 180 200 220
Insulation Grade Grade1/Grade2/ Grade3 Grade1/Grade2/ Grade3 Grade1/Grade2/ Grade3 Grade1/Grade2/ Grade3 Grade1/Grade2/ Grade3
Standard IEC,NEMA,JIS,GB or according to customers’ requirements



■ Manufacturing

Enameled Round Aluminum Wire

The Production Progress Of Enameled Aluminum Magnet Wire:

Step1: Extruding & Drawing

Step2: Stretch The Thread

Step3: Ultrasonic Cleaning

Step4: Panit 

Step5: Toast

Step6: Spool



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