Usage of winding wire (1)


Our winding wire is a core component in a wide variety of applications such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, elevators, cars, aircraft, computers, trains, wind power turbines and power distribution networks. Recent years have seen exceptional growth in alternative energy production and new energy-saving concepts, with increasing demand for energy-efficient power transformation solutions. We are proud to live up to high expectations for quality, properties and precision – today and tomorrow.



Since the late 19th century, AC and DC motors have been central to the winding wire business. DC motors can be found in small applications such as disk drives to very large ones for pump stations.

The copper content in a modern car is close to 30 kg; a hybrid car has an additional 10-20 kg depending on the level of hybridity. A significant portion of this is winding wire in components such as starter and auxiliary motors, door and window openers, cruise control, start/stop function, ACC, ABS brakes and many other systems.

Most commonly used in fluorescent lighting, these transformers use thinner dimension copper winding wire.

The pump industry consumes a large amount of winding wire and its strict demands and technical specifications have been met by us for many years.

Distribution transformers are used to make the final voltage transformation before distributing power to the consumers. They can be found in many different sizes and use winding wire in both copper and aluminium.

As a specialist partner to the automotive industry we are active in the rapid development of new, energy-efficient cars.