• The Notes of the Enameled Wire’s Use...Aug 19.2015
    Because the layer of enameled wire is thin, it should be carefui to use enameled wire. this artcle will talk about some notes of enameled wire's use, such as converying, storage and so on. ...Click here to view details >
  • Expertise about Refrigerant...Aug 17.2015
    Refrigerant is the significant fluid which is refrigeration and air conditioning systems to transfer thermal attempt to produce the effect of freezing. In the air conditioning system, this can be a substance that makes heat attempt to transfer through evaporation and condensation. It might be known as Freon.
    ...Click here to view details >
  • Why do You Choose Zhengzhou LP Industry Co., Ltd?...Aug 13.2015
    Zhengzhou LP Industry Co., Ltd as China professional manufacture of magnent wire. Our products are exported to more than 50 countried around the world, cooperating with more than 200 overseas customers. ...Click here to view details >
  • From “Traditional Manufacturing Sector” into “Smart Manufacturing Sector”...Aug 11.2015
    China's manufacturing sector has got a big and beautiful achievement during these years for the country’s and the world’s economy. It can be said that China has turned into a big manufacturing country but hasn't been a high end one. So China's manufacturing sector needs to be changed from traditional manfacturing into smart manfacturing. As China professional manufacture of magnet wire, Zhengzhou LP Industry Co., Ltd is fighting. ...Click here to view details >
  • Performance Comparison between Enameled Aluminum Wire and Enameled Copper Wire...Aug 06.2015
    Performance Comparison between Enameled Aluminum Wire and Enameled Copper Wire,The Differences Impact on the Use: the Design of Electric Machinery;The Differences Impact on the Use :the Method of Paint Removing;The Differences Impact on the Use: Attended Mode;The Differences Impact on the Use :Winding ...Click here to view details >
  • NOMEX Paper Covered Wire...Aug 05.2015
    NOMEX Paper Covered Wire is a kind of electric wire wrapping with NOMEX insulated paper from America DuPont . NOMEX Paper Covered Wire is applicable to mobile transformers, traction transformers, pole-mounted distribution transformers, power substations, rectifiers, electric transformers and other oil-immersed transformer coil windings. ...Click here to view details >
  • Self-Bounding Copper Wire----Bounding Methods...Jul 29.2015
    Hot Air BondingHot Air bonding is achieved during the winding process by means of a jet of hot air. The temperature of the hot air at the winding, usually betwe ...Click here to view details >
  • The introduction of enameled wire(一)...Apr 14.2015
    Enameled wire is often used in magnets, genarator,speakers,welding machine ,electric motors and so on.
    Polyurethane, polyamide, or polyester resins are used to ...Click here to view details >
  • Enameled wire stripping technology...Apr 14.2015
    The German people ARNOFUCHS ABISOFIX, Invented a new machine which name is Handheld electric high-speed peeling machine.,for Enameled wire stripping technology ...Click here to view details >
  • enameled-wire-open-to-production-in-2015...Mar 04.2015
    enameled wire Factory - LP Industry open to production after Spring Feativalin in 2015. ...Click here to view details >
  • Enamelled Copper Wire...Dec 25.2014
    Enamelled Copper Wire
    Since the beginning of the electrical age, copper has been recognized for its unique and beneficial qualities in electrical applications. Copper is a malleable and ductile material with excellent conductivity. LP's electrolytic copper (Cu-ETP) is of high purity. ...Click here to view details >
  • The enameled wire industry development market analysis in china...Dec 10.2014
    The enameled wire industry development market analysis in china
    Enameled wire is the conductor which is high purity, a high electrical conductivity cladding layer of insulating coating.
    Such as : Conductor +Insulating paint = Non-self-adhesive insulation material
    Conductor +Insulating paint+Layer=self-adhesive insulation material ...Click here to view details >
  • Some Questation About Winding Wire...Nov 25.2014
    Some Questation About Winding Wire
    Q:How to Wind Wire in Jewelry Making?
    A:Winding wire spirals is a basic wire jewelry technique that brings a whimsical note to a jewelry piece. Imagine a bracelet fashioned entirely from spirals chasing each other in an endless round or an earring composed simply of a single spiral. Wound wire spirals are incorporated into more advanced techniques and designs, including stone settings and intricate all wire pieces. Winding wire is an essential technique that you will see over and over again in your jewelry making hobby or career.
    Q: What is the cost of copper winding wire? ...Click here to view details >
  • copper clad aluminum magnet wire...Nov 17.2014
    copper clad aluminum magnet wire
    ECCA ( enameled copper clad aluminum ), ECCA ( … ECCA ( enameled copper clad aluminum ) from Chizhou Shenci Cable Co., Ltd.. Search High ...
    Enameled Flat Copper Wire suppliers canada,Buy High Quality Enameled Flat Wire ...Click here to view details >
  • Comparison of copper and aluminum winding wire...Nov 03.2014
    1.A calculation for aluminium and copper wires.
    Copper has lower resistance per unit volume, ie, a 1 cm diameter copper wire has less resistance than a 1 cm aluminum wire. ...Click here to view details >
  • What is enameled magnet wire?...Oct 09.2014
    Q: What is enameled magnet wire?
    A:Enamel Magnet Wire is a standard round, pure copper wire or aluminum wire with polyamide (polyeater(imide),polyamideimide)enamel inner-coat, and polyurethane over coat; Thermal Class 130,155,180,200,220 and so on . The insulation will stand up and not crack during winding of tight coils high speed winding, etc. Commonly used for winding R.F.coils and transformers,fan,air-conditioner,electric motor,washing-machine,mocro-motor,pump,dry-type transformer,oil-transformer,and so on. ...Click here to view details >
  • Some Information About Copper Wire...Sep 28.2014
    Q: How to Magnetize With Copper Wire.
    A: 1.Strip 1 inch of insulation from each end of the copper wire.
    2.Bend the wire in half and begin wrapping it at the bend around your nail. Wrap the wire neatly as many times as you can while leaving

    enough wire at each end so that you can easily touch the exposed ends to the terminals of your battery.
    3.Touch each end of your wire to a different terminal on your battery at the same time. This creates a circuit.
    4.Hold your nail close to different kinds of screws and bolts. Some of them will be attracted to the magnet and some will not. ...Click here to view details >
  • Q&A About Enameled Copper Wire...Sep 24.2014
    Q&A About Enameled Copper Wire
    Q: What is Enameled copper wire?
    A: Enameled copper wire is copper wire coated by a insulating paint usually colored red.
    Q: What is enameled copper wire?
    A: yes, it's copper wire with a coating of enamel to insulate it. It's intended to be used in coils and transformers where the wire is wound with the turns in physical contact with each other. the
    enamel prevents the turns from shorting to each other. ...Click here to view details >
  • September 12 morning news about SMM copper...Sep 12.2014
    September 12 morning news about SMM copperOvernight, the market digested China is weak economic data.
    In the evening, the United States announced unemployment ...Click here to view details >
  • The TypeS About The Enameled Wire...Jul 10.2014
    Many kinds of Enameled wire Thermal Capacity of 180°C,200°C,155°C,130°C,220°C,be used in Communication Apparatus and Small Motors,transformers,Electronic and Communication Devices,and so on . ...Click here to view details >