How to verify the size of the enameled wire(d)



The deviation = d the measured-d nominal.
f value = conductor in each cross-section the maximum difference of the measured diameter readings, t = Dd.
Enameled wire (flat line): thick film 0.11 <& ≤ 0.16mm, ordinary film 0.06 ≤ & ≤ 0.11mm.
Amax = a △ & max, Bmax = b △ & max, when the outer diameter dimension of AB does not exceed Amax, Bmax, allowing the film thickness exceeding & max deviation of the nominal dimensions in a (b), A (b) ≤ 3.155 ± 0.030,3.155 <a (b) ≤ 6.30 ± 0.050,6.30 <b ≤ 12.50 ± 0.07,12.50 <b ≤ 16.00 ± 0.100.

Failed to produce conductor size in addition to semi-finished conductor hidden defects or specifications uneven painting process off tension, various parts felt sandwiched tightness improperly adjusted, or put the line and the guide wheel rotation is not flexible, the line Pull fine.

The film insulation dimensions unqualified slack adjuster is felt inappropriate, or with improper mold and the mold is not installed. In addition, the process speed, the viscosity of the paint, solid content changes will also affect the film thickness.