How to verify the size of the enameled wire(a)


Enameled wire (round wire) Dimensions: Dimensions (diameter) D conductor diameter d, conductor deviation △ d, conductor not roundness f film thicknesst.

The outer diameter is the diameter measured after the guiding body is coated with a layer of insulating film. A conductor diameter refers to the diameter of the metal wire is removed after the insulating layer. Conductor deviation is a difference between the measured value and the nominal value of the guide diameter. Roundness (f) the maximum difference value is measured on each section of the guiding body readings and minimum readings.

Measurement methods
Measurement tools: micron dry micrometer accuracy O.002mm.

Measurement standards
Enameled wire (round wire) d <0.100mm time, measuring force 0.1 ~ 1.0N, d ≥ 0.100mm force 1 ~ 8N; enameled wire (flat line) measured force-8N.