The Analysis of Heat Resistance


Polyamide-imide magnet wire are more widely used in the domestic, and its heat level is 200, And the product also has high heat resistance, resistance to freezing agent, excellent cold resistance, radiation resistance, high mechanical strength and stable electrical properties, and good chemical resistance and resistance to freezing agent performance, and strong overload capability.

Magnet wire is widely used in refrigerator compressors, air conditioning compressors and power tools, explosion-proof motor and the heat and cold resistant to radiation, electrical appliances for use under overload conditions.

Polyester-imide / polyamide enameled wire, and heat level 180 of the product is good thermal shock properties, and excellent resistance to cut through high temperature mechanical strength, and solvent resistance and refrigerant properties are better, but the weakness is in Easy hydrolysis under confinement, and are widely used for high heat-resistant motors, electrical and instrumentation and power tools and other power voltage windings dry.