Insulation Paint of Enameled Wire


In accordance with the use of demand, there is good variety of enameled wire insulation paints.

1,Polyester paint: Class B, temperature 130. It can be used in usual motors and transformers.
2, Modified polyester paint: Class F, temperature 155 degrees. It can be used in general motors, transformers and other fields.
3, Polyester-imide paint: Class H, temperature 180 degrees. It can be used in explosion-proof motor and dry-type transformers;
4, Polyurethane paint: Class B, class F, Class H, temperature 130 degrees 155 degrees, 180 degrees. It mainly used for direct welding parts, such as relays and other fields.
5, Polyester-imide covered polyamide-imide paint: Class C, temperature 200 degrees. It can be used in plastic motor, explosion-proof motor and so on.
6, Polyimide Paint: temperature 220 degrees. It always be used in motor under high demanding such as aerospace and other products.